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I'm Actual
I write words that string together into sentences; these make grammatical sense.  But to me, these are nothing.  There is no feeling in a few words strung together into a sentence.  Meaningful and heartfelt sentences are formulated in a hasty rush.  Scrawled onto paper napkins or onto well-worn notebooks poisoned with coffee mug stains and salty tears, enough wet to fill a thousand tea cups.
I am a writer who does not write.  Go figure.  I feel like time wasted is time spent without a pen in my hand.  I am a full-time experience technician.  But I am on annual leave.  I feel my heart getting smaller and the breaths shorter with each moment I do not write.
I escape the torment of writer's block by reading.  I walk into tiny bookshops, conspicuously hidden in back streets and side alleys, and I search for inspiration.  I search for something I recognise.  A feeling from
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feb 1, '07
The nine to five is over for another sixty-four hours.  I'm not counting, are you?
Arms out the window, controlled only by the wind.  Piercings all over her face she yells at a boy of five; a mother of four and a foetus ready to make it five.
"Get your fucking arms in the window you little shit"
He winces.  She's hit him before.
I retreat and pull those arms back in from the wind.  A train flies past we would've lost our arms if it weren't for the human scrap metal facility over there.
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The Repercussion
I found you in the bathtub.
Your hair, full of knots, was floating around your face,
encircling it like a frame,
as if you were of some importance.
I pulled you out.
Your skin was cold and white,
and so transparent
that I was scared of tearing it away from your bones.
I picked up the phone
and dialed the numbers I thought I knew so well.
But my fingers were wet
and they kept slipping off the buttons.
I pressed my ear against your mouth.
You weren't breathing.
I didn't know the recipe for CPR,
so I dragged you into the driveway.
Your body was heavy.
Maybe it was the water in your lungs.
And I wasn't quite sure what to do
with a corpse as vulnerable as yours.
We lay on the concrete
and the flash of the ambulance lights
looked so pretty against your face.
Like a scene from my favourite nightmare.
So I sat next to you,
just me and your dead body.
And then I realised;
This is love.
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Sunset Juggler by thefonz148 Sunset Juggler :iconthefonz148:thefonz148 482 263 Playground Vigilantes by n0deal Playground Vigilantes :iconn0deal:n0deal 922 331
My Dashboard Confessional
I've made a few mistakes
But none of them on you
All these chances I've had to take
And all these things that I've been through..
My eyes were closed
Your beauty was kept locked away
And now I've been exposed
I was lost, to my dismay
Trust, what I found in you
Although I often question
Try to understand why I do the things I do..
These are my confessions
I'd like to look into your eyes
Get lost and never glance away
Let you feel the way I feel inside..
These things I long for, everyday
But I am here
And you are there
And nothing's clear
But my love for you, I swear
Do you really know..?
Can you really tell..?
My eyes have been aglow
But dreading our farewell..
Save me again
Like you did before
Take my pain
Turn it into something more
Trust, what I found in you
Although I often question
Try to understand why I do the things I do..
These are my confessions
My confessions
My questions..
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Mature content
Twisted Love :iconshredu2:shredu2 2 22
Little Girl
Window panes and silent rain,
Translucent shame and zero gain.
The wind outside is harsh and cold,
Stay inside, nobody knows;
When she cries.
The pavement wreaks of silence,
Movements dissipate violence.
Little girl grows with insecurities,
While media promotes impurities.
Ambitions shot down with poor grammar,
Words hit harder than a hammer.
Desperation shines through facade,
A little girl damaged through blood.
Retribution has no price,
Cast your stones now, don't be nice.
Little girl will leave this place,
Don't cry now, you'll miss her face.
:iconbornintosilence:bornintosilence 4 1
If you should fall apart tonight,
I won't come running to your side
I won't be there when you need me most,
Or be the one to whom you confide
And if your soul should start to taper,
I can't help you out this time
I won't be there to hold your hand,
Or give you peace of mind
If you should have your heart ripped out,
I'll be laughing from afar
I won't be there to heal the wound,
Or take away the scar
And if your pride should be suddenly crushed,
I can't put you back on your feet
Because you killed me like you killed yourself,
That night I got in your backseat.
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Dying for Attention
Did you see his body,
Sprawled across the floor
His body lay in silence,
He can't feel it anymore
Pain has stained the broken tiles,
The walls are caving in
There's too much blood from all his cuts,
You can't tell where they begin
Motionless and pointless,
He no longer dreams
Meaningless and hopeless,
He's not what he seems
Self-inflicted pain he said,
Was his only way to feel
He said that cutting in this world,
Was the only thing that seemed real
Cutting, cut, cut, cut yourself,
Anywhere skin and veins meet
Your wrists, your thighs, cut, cut yourself
The instep of your feet
Hapless and fearless,
He wasn't scared to hurt
Helpless and joyless,
He wasn't quite alert
Did you see his body,
Sprawled across the news
In his ploy to take himself,
He definitely didn't lose
He'd laugh in satisfaction,
If I told him about his fame,
He'd like the idea of everyone
Hearing and speaking his name
But I've torn up all the papers,
I can't stand to see his face
His blood-soaked body of loneliness
Being t
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Susie Pow
Current Residence: Newcastle, Australia
Shell of choice: Turtle; It's an escape
Personal Quote: Infragilis et tenera


Sat Mar 3, 2007, 3:56 PM

To break up my deviantART accounts, I have created a supplementary account available for perusal at

The aforementioned link will lead you to my new fandangle account, which is particularly writing of the prose and poetic nature.  Please add me and view my work, I will also continue to update this but only with things that don't relate to writing so it is well worth adding me to your friends to not miss out on updates.

Kind Regards,

Susy Pow


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